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Jayaprakash Enjapuri – 1st ever Telugu & 48th Indian marathoner to receive world’s prestigious AWMM Six Star Finisher Medal



AWMM Marathon – New York, 2016

Marathon! A double-sided word that most people interpret in their own way, either knowingly or unknowingly. Oftentimes, people think they are running or walking a marathon that their city or town organizes once in a while. But, in reality, they may or may not know that it is not a real marathon. Maybe it’s a 5K run or a 10k walk, or may be little more than that!

Why? Because a marathon is a road or trail long-distance foot race with 26 miles and 385 yards in distance that can be completed with a run and walk strategy. While there are many marathons, more than 800 marathons are organized worldwide every year. As such, there are many marathoners or marathon runners across a little less than a double century of countries.

AWMM Marathon – Chicago, 2017

One such endurance marathon runner is Jayaprakash Enjapuri. Mr. Enjapuri was born in a small village Yellandu in Khammam district in the state of Telangana, India. Like most of the typical Indian village kids, he used to run back and forth between home and school, and developed a passion for running over the course of time.

AWMM Marathon – Berlin, 2018

Fast forwarded to July 1998, Mr. Enjapuri came to the United States of America, and it changed the dynamics completely. With the burning desire and instinct, he became a member of the New York Road Runner organization. After getting denials for 8 consecutive years, he got a breakthrough entry in March 2016, through his ‘Team for Kids’ charity work, to participate in the New York City marathon.

AWMM Marathon – Tokyo, 2018

With lot of practice runs like 10K and half marathons, Mr. Enjapuri finished Staten Island half marathon in May 2016 and it instilled the confidence to participate in the long-distance New York City marathon. His lifetime journey took a new turn at 5:40 pm on Sunday the November 6th, 2016, and was infected with a marathon fever when he crossed the finish line of his first mega marathon in New York City central park. At that cherishing moment, after 6 hours of life changing experience in the world’s largest marathon, he decided to complete the remaining 5 of the Abbott World Marathon Majors (AWMM) races.

AWMM Marathon – London, 2021

Abbott World Marathon Majors (AWMM) is a popular and worldwide recognized oldest marathon. It consists of six of the world’s largest and most renowned marathons that happen in Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, New York, and Tokyo. The marathon routes vary greatly in elevation, course, and surface. Athletes that complete all 6 AWMM marathons are awarded with world famous ‘Six Star Finisher Medal’.

With strong willpower, Mr. Enjapuri completed Chicago marathon in 2017, Tokyo & Berlin in 2018, and London in 2021. On April 18th, 2022, when he completed the 6th AWMM race in Boston, he became the first ever Telugu person and 48th Indian out of 251 across the world completing all 6 AWMM marathons and secured the world’s oldest and prestigious Six Star Finisher Medal.

AWMM Marathon – Boston, 2022

“With millions of spectators and hundreds of thousands of athletes, billions were raised for charity and world records were broken in these marathons. To me, marathon is not going to be over with one race or one medal. It’s just the beginning of my incredible journey to go around the world and fulfill my passion as an athlete. What kind of a maniac runs 26.2 miles on purpose and that too again and again? I do not want to stop. I ran for various charity organizations and touched many lives in need. The greatest satisfaction came to me every time I reached the finish line. 3 continents, 5 years, 6 world’s highest standards marathons, 6 greatest stars, 1 major milestone achievement, and it’s all my dream came true.” said in a statement by Mr. Enjapuri.

Mr. Enjapuri is an IT professional, with a master’s degree, working for an MNC in New York. He is an expert in sports like Tennis, Badminton, Chess, and Carrom board. He played multiple US open Carrom board championships. He is also well known for his charity work.

Jay Prakash Enjapuri Family

He is currently serving as President of the Telugu Literary & Cultural Association (TLCA), a 51-year-old nonprofit organization based in New York. He recently got selected for a national award from Telangana American Telugu Association (TTA) in sports category, and he will be receiving it at the TTA mega convention in New Jersey on May 27th 2022.

AWMM Marathon 6 Star Finisher Certificate

What an incredible and inspiring journey that Mr. Enjapuri has gone through! Right from a small village in India, all the way to the most happening city in the United States of America, ran across the continents and ended up with the most phenomenal AWMM’s Six Star Finisher Medal. It is pretty obvious that Mr. Enjapuri will live life king-size, being a role model to many marathon runners.

Jay Prakash Enjapuri representing India – New York, 2016

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