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Mega medical camp sponsored by Priyanka Vallepalli served 400 patients



Priyanka Vallepalli, president of Quality Matrix, is very well known for her philanthropism in Telugu states. Usually she picks education and health sectors, for the most part, and the reason could be these two sectors have become way expensive in the recent times in India. Common man is scared to see even a general physician these days, and forget about the specialists in the so called corporate hospitals as they are completely out of reach with skyrocketed charges.

Having seen this very closely, Priyanka Vallepalli sponsored a mega medical camp in Gachibowli area, Hyderabad, Telangana. She not only sponsored this mega medical camp held on April 3rd, but also monitored in person along with Sasi Kanth Vallepalli. More than 400 patients were served with blood works, EKG, echo, diabetic care, and all the testing needed along with donating vitamins and medication supply for 6 months. Doctors took utmost care in serving each patient one after the other.

The best part of this mega medical camp is including the specialties like Cardiology, Pediatrics, Gynecology, ENT, and Optometry. Construction workers and poor people living in and around Gachibowli utilized this great opportunity. The camp was led by Forum of IT Professionals and Kiran Chandra of Swecha. On this occasion, Priyanka appreciated all the doctors, nursing staff and volunteers for their time and service.

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