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GWTCS celebrates Ugadi in US Capital with versatile actor Jagapathi Babu



On Saturday, May 14, Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Association (GWTCS) of Washington DC metro area celebrated the event in the presence of hundreds of Telugu people. The event consisted of many spectacular cultural programs performed by local teachers / students and famous Tollywood artists like Mukku Avinash, Roll Rida and Satya Yamini

The event started in the afternoon with children’s painting competitions, followed by cultural performances and in the evening, amidst the jubilation of hundreds of Telugu people, Telugu film star Jagapathi Babu was warmly welcomed.

President of the GWTCS, Sai Sudha Paladugu, was proud to say “the organization is one of the oldest organization with 48 years of history and continuously thriving to spread our Telugu culture and traditions to the next generations”.

The chief guest, actor Jagapathi Babu said that he was overwhelmed with the love showered by the Telugu community. Women in particular have expressed their admiration for him with enthusiasm. Audience were thrilled with the fun interactive session where he answered to their written questions.

TANA Past President Satish Vemana said irrespective of the number of Telugu communities, the ultimate goal of everyone is to extend a helping hand to the well-being of the Telugu people when they are in need. Representatives of various national associations including TANA and ATA took part in the event.

Many dignitaries and celebrities hailed the event and lauded the hard work of the President Sai Sudha and the executive committee for working towards increasing the reputation of the organization. Cultural shows like theme based dances and fashion show impressed the audience.

The event was attended by several other organizations people like Naren Kodali, Satya Surapaneni, Kavitha Challa, Sudheer Kommi, and Mannava Subbarao and all the members of the GWTCS executive committee Chandra Malavathu, Sushma Amruthaluri, Sushanth Manne, Ravi Adusumilli, Vijay Atluri, Rajesh Kasaraneni, Umakanth Raghupathy, Bhanu Maguluri, Suresh Paladugu, Praveen Kondaka, Yash Bodduluri, and Srinivas Ganga.

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