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TANA’s College Readiness Planning Webinar for Next Generation Students Received Applauds



October 17, 2021: Telugu Association of North America (TANA) in association with GrowMe presented a webinar on college readiness planning for next generation students that are in middle and high schools. This highly informative webinar received applauds from over 250 attendees. TANA Regional Coordinator, Northern California, Ram Thota kicked off the event by welcoming all the participants followed by introduction of TANA President Anjaiah Chowdary Lavu, Community Services Coordinator Raja Kasukurthi, and all other TANA Executive Team members.

TANA President Anjaiah Chowdary Lavu appreciated the GrowMe team (Uppaji Kothapalli, Kelly Britt, Blair Betts) for their great service in educating next generation kids on much needed college readiness planning. He thanked the organizers (Raja Kasukurthi, Ram Thota, Naga Panchumarthi and Srinivas Oruganti) for bringing such a useful event to the community. Community Services Coordinator Raja Kasukurthi thanked all the event planning team and introduced the speakers. GrowMe team covered various topics including when to start, academic trajectory, extracurricular activities, Ivy Leagues preparation, financial aid, ED/REA/EA/RD/Rolling, Naviance, tips etc. The Q&A session witnessed a high volume of questionnaires. Attendees thanked GrowMe team for such an informative session and TANA for hosting such a great session.

The event organizers Raja Kasukurthi (Community Services Coordinator), Naga Panchumarthi (Regional Coordinator, Appalachian), Ram Thota (Regional Coordinator, Northern California) and Srinivas Oruganti (Foundation Trustee) thanked all the attendees, GrowMe team, TANA President Anjaiah Chowdary Lavu and the entire TANA leadership for their extended support and help in making this event a grand success.

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